Thursday, November 6, 2008

Funny Happenings at Work

Okay, so first of all I am NOT a fan of anime drawings. Kudos to those of you who can draw it, but I don't call it art. They're all the same, nothing creative whatsoever in them, and they're all meant for Pokemon and Dragon Ball-Z or what have you. Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone here, I'm just not a fan of the generic Chinese type of drawing. Anywho, you'll see how this ties in in a second.

So yesterday my friend Whitney and I were at work and she told me a very interesting story. She said that someone called in on Tuesday and said, quite properly and official-like, "Good day, I'd like to be sent to the art department for the university please." So she, of course, sort of smiled and sent him on his way. She got a call back a few minutes later from the same guy, once again in his pompous voice, said, "Okay, I need to speak to someone else other than the art department. You see, I am an artist and I've been doing some very good work lately. I even have my own 'myspace' page for my artwork. So I'm interested in displaying my artwork in the art museum on campus, but the art department you sent me to doesn't want to display my artwork. So could you please send me to the theater arts department? They might be interested in displaying my artwork." So she tried really hard not to laugh and sent him on his way.

So obviously posting your artwork on myspace makes you a legit artist and fully authorized to display your artwork in a prestigious art museum for a university. So his artwork could have been that little anime drawing up above. Using that logic I must be a published writer because I have a blog upon which I write my funny stories and hilarious happenings in my life. So there you have it, you know a famous, published author because my work is officially spread on the internet. I'm printing off pictures of myself as we speak and will gladly send a signed photograph of myself to all who are interested. Thank you, and good day.

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