Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And We Continue On

Ariana’s eyes opened gradually, adjusting to the light. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was exactly. Before she could come to any conclusions, she noticed someone standing by the door. "Mom?" she asked in her croaking morning voice. The voice she heard next she didn't expect at all. She heard a deep, foreboding voice chuckle. Then he said, "You won't be seeing your mommy for a long time. You've been laying there for two days, and you'll be here a lot longer than that. And you won't have anyone like ‘Mommy’ the entire time you're here." He then slowly walked up to her in the bed, and got within inches of her face. He gruffly spat out, "So I suggest you suck up whatever you're feeling because it doesn't matter to anyone down here, understand?!"
Ariana sat up in her bed and looked straight into his bloodshot eyes. "Whatever, Sarge." She responded coldly. He glared back at her, as if he was trying to warn her she was messing with the wrong person. Then, he turned around and walked out.
Now that he was gone, Ariana had time to look around at her surroundings. The room she sat in was small and similar to a hospital room. It was filled with a few other beds with people who appeared to be her age in a similar state of mind. Some of them were still sleeping, while others were sitting up looking as confused as she must have looked. Now that Ariana had woken up, she realized it was dark outside. The sky wasn't twinkling with stars, or even black with cloud cover. There was a looming black mist throughout the sky that she could feel just by looking at it. The trees on the ground looked like they were trying to crawl closer to her room as the dark wind blew across its branches.
Allowing her eyes to browse the forest, Ariana stopped when she saw several pairs of beady red eyes. She had no idea where she was and therefore couldn’t possibly know what sort of wildlife could be out there. As she sat there watching, a massive black wolf came out of the wood a few feet from where the eyes sat. He went slowly, as if he was stalking a helpless animal. His eyes looked hungry, and his teeth were sharp and dripping with fresh blood. His snout was long and thin, which added to his freakish face. His body was bulky, while his forelegs were surprisingly scrawny. He chillingly crept across the open grass. As Ariana tip-toed to the window to get a better look, the wolf snapped his head right in her direction. She gasped not at his sudden movement, but his hypnotic yellow eyes. The window was at ground level, and the wolf must have been no more than one hundred feet away from her. He bore his teeth at her and Ariana saw drool slowly dropping from his angry mouth. She froze where she stood, too terrified to move. She scrunched her eyes tightly, preparing for whatever she could. She had to be brave, no matter what happened. Ariana decided to open her eyes just a sliver, and as she gradually opened them she saw that he was gone. Ariana looked everywhere she could but didn't find him. Not even the little red eyes she had seen in the forest were there now. She stood there for several minutes, trying to calm herself down. Suddenly a huge wave of exhaustion came over her and she lethargically shuffled to her bed, rubbing her hair band.

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