Monday, January 4, 2010

Security Settings

Well as it turns out, a psychopath freak-of-nature has gained access to my blog and is apparently stalking my family and making ridiculous threats. I have therefore been forced to change my settings so that only a few people can access my blog. Just so you know. She's even tried to see Andrew on his mission. Like I said, FREAK OF NATURE!!! Anyway we're hoping that this all stops now but I guess we'll see. If not, it's all out WAR! No code of conduct or anything of the sort, and I will win. I WILL WIN!


Anywho, if any of you would like to be able to keep looking at my blog just send me an email or however you do that. That will be all.


Have a great week.


CaLM RAPIDS said...

I had a friend that had a blog stalker and she had to go private. After a few months though, she was able to be free again. There are sure some nuts out there. I don't want to post my email on here or the stalker will see it so maybe you can get it off of facebook.
Love ya,
Your dad's here right now. We love having him!

jessiebess said...

i want to seee still! you should know my email hun

Marnie said...

Love you lis, I will have to send you our email. I guess you can always get it off facebook. Thinking about you and so happy we got to see you. wishing we could see you more.

Megan said...

Ooh I still want to be able to see it! :) My email is