Thursday, June 5, 2008


Okay, so yesterday I had a job interview with a phone company. It's a telephone company that sells phones to other businesses. Anywho, earlier in the summer I was hired by a staffing service and they set this interview up yesterday. As the interview went on, the kind of person they wanted was exactly the kind of person that I am! And the job they needed me to do was really similar to what I did last summer, only it's telephones instead of heating and air conditioning this time. So yeah, as the interview progressed the more and more I really wanted to work there. It was a really nice office, casual environment and the people that interviewed me were so extremely nice!
So after the interview was over I drove home and I was just praying that I would get that job. So about 15 minutes after I arrived home (did I mention that this job is in American Fork and it only takes about 5 minutes to drive there?!), I got a call from the staffing service. They said that the company just loved me in the interview and wanted to hire me! WOOT! They said that they had 2 other interviews the next day but they decided to cancel those 'cause they just loved me so much! So yeah, I was pretty ecstatic! Plus they decided to pay me $11 an hour because I have experience and I'm working Monday through Friday from 8-5! DOUBLE WOOT! Anywho, they wanted me to start today (Thursday) and I told them I was babysitting my siblings while my mom was at girls camp and my dad was on a business trip. They said, "That's fine, we understand, can you come in from 1-4 on Thursday and Friday?" So I was like, "Heck yes!" So I'm getting trained part-time this week and then next week I start full-time. So they were really easy going and understanding about me babysitting and they seem just as excited as I am to work with me, so I am just totally excited to get working there today!
So yeah, the Lord answers prayers and he is always watching out for us! I really wanted a job at Roberts a few weeks ago and I was praying so hard that I would get it. But they only pay $7.50 an hour and only hire part-time mostly. So imagine if I would've gotten that job, then I wouldn't have had this great opportunity to earn much more, enough money to make up for the fact that I haven't worked for almost a month, and in an office environment (which I love) with people that I know will be totally awesome to work with! The Lord really knows everything, and I am so grateful that he has been watching out for me. Because I got this job and not the one at Roberts I will be able to pay for my housing this summer. That means I can keep my job at Utah State, another job that I absolutely love with people that I absolutely love to work with and I can do my homework and stuff while I'm working there! I'm just in awe about how much the Lord loves me and how he really knows my needs and wants. Never doubt that the Lord loves you and knows your needs and wants as well! Have a great day!


david santos said...

Excellent post, Alisa, excellent!
I love it!
Happy dey said...

Hi this is your Aunt Jen! I found you on the blog! I'm so excited!
What an excellent post! First of all, you're excellent at sales, so I'm not surprised they absolutely loved you! Secondly, it's so nice to hear the humility in your voice! Yes, I think God is looking out for you, my special neice, and the prayers are always heard!

Miss Erika said...

yay for good promising jobs! And yay for a 5 minutes drive to get there! And yay for M-F and no Saturdays! I am so excitedf or you, I am sure you will love it!