Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just FYI

Hello all you happy people! Now I have been getting a lot of people who want to see pictures of my finger and all that good stuff. So, if you want to see what my finger is like, go head on to Facebook and I uploaded the pictures from my cell phone. Just thought I'd let you know, for those of you who want to see. Anywho, that's the FYI. Have an awesome day! I'l lwrite something else soon, I promise.


TotallySavage said...

Man, I should have read this before I was like oh new pics of Alisa . . . ughck! They are nasty girl! (minus the ones of you and not your finger).

Miss Erika said...

so... before I freak myself out, are these pics of your severed finger, or the part that is still attached?

Alisa said...

Haha, they're pictures of my finger. I don't have any pictures of the piece that got cut off, just my finger after the piece was cut off.