Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mulligans, Cops, and Luck

Well this past week has been an interesting one as far as the law goes. First on...Wednesday I think it was, I was coming home from school and spotted a golf cart parked right in front of my apartment (it didn't look like this golf cart, but I thought this golf cart was pretty spanking awesome and deserved to be on my blog). So anywho, I didn't really think anything of it, I figured it was someone for maintenance or something of that nature. Well, my friend Kristal and I sat down watching one of my fantastic movies (X-men I believe) and then we hear a really loud knock at the door. So I got up and answered the door and a big intimidating cop lady in a white uniform was standing at the door with her sunglasses on. I hate it when they have sunglasses, I hate not knowing where they're looking. She said, "Do you know what happened to this golf cart?" I could feel her eyes trying to penetrate my very soul, and I answered, "No, actually I didn't even notice it was here until I got home from school today around 3:00. I left at about 8:00 and I didn't see it when I left for school." The officer smirked a little bit and she said, "Well the girls next door said they left around 8 and they saw it this morning." Then she turned to her "assistant" or whatever and was like, "Do you think the girls were lying?" I could detect just a hint of sarcasm in her voice, as if she was questioning my integrity. However, if she had been able to really penetrate my soul she would've seen that not only was I telling the truth but that I was also incapable of stealing a golf cart.
Anywho, I guess someone crashed it and then parked it in front of my apartment, but after the officer could tell I was telling the truth she let me go back inside to enjoy my movie.
Well, after that I left for home on Friday afternoon. My roommate Jessica and I were heading through the canyon and it was really annoying driving because my breaks weren't working the right way so I had to keep pumping my breaks to slow down. Anywho, every once in a while I'd catch myself speeding but I'd hurry and slow down. Sardine Canyon is really hilly so it's really annoying to break and then rev your engine every 5 seconds.
So then I pass a cop coming the opposite direction and I slowed down as quickly as I could. After he passed we were right into Brigham City, where the speed limit is 55. But there was so much traffic that there was no physical way I could go faster than 30. Anywho, a cop car pulls right behind me and I said to Jess, "Great, this is just what I want, a cop on my tail." Then the light turned green and the cop turned his lights on, signaling for me to pull off to the side of the road. I roll down my window, thinking that maybe my break lights are out or something like that. He says, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" I said, "Um...I think like 30." He sort of laughs like, "Oh you stupid child," but says instead, "Uh no, you were going 71." I'm like, "71, really? Oh, I thought I was going 30." Anywho, then he asks for my license and registration and I've never been pulled over before so I have no idea what I'm looking for. I know what my license is, and Jessica found the insurance thing, but we couldn't find the registration.
So he sort of sighs and says, "Ok, let me tell you something here. You never tell a law enforcement officer that you're going 30 when you were going well over that over in the canyon." I said, "Oh I'm sorry, that was my mistake, I thought you were talking about how fast I was going when you pulled me over, not back in the canyon. That was my mistake, I'm sorry." Then he's like, "You also need to have your registration and insurance easily accessible so that I don't have to wait while you look for it. And you need to make sure that you HAVE it in your car. And also, you have a flat tire and you need to get that pumped up." I told him that I was glad he told me that he told me that 'cause we tried to get that fixed but that I'd take it in the next day to make sure that they got it fixed. Anywho, he told me to go to the nearest Chevron and pump up my tire before I headed back out, and then he let me go. Don't get me wrong, I was relieved that I didn't get a ticket - I mean I'm a poor college student, I can't afford a ticket right now - but did he have to be so rude? I think that it really must be a requirement for them to be not tactful in the way they say things. That's probably why people cry sometimes when they get pulled over: they know what's coming and they're very sensitive.
Anywho, I'm glad I didn't get a ticket, and I drove pretty slow in the canyon on my way back up to Logan and I didn't get pulled over. Actually, Annie called me when I was about 10 minutes away from home and she's like, "Did you get pulled over yet?" and started laughing. Well, I managed to avoid getting arrested twice this week, so the Lord must really want me up here in college learning and not in jail. *wink*

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