Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Kind of Candy DO You Like?

Hello All!

I'm so sorry I haven't kept you updated lately. It's truly a travesty, one of which I intend to correct at this very moment. I will save the candy story for last, but here are some recent developments that just make me laugh out loud.

**I ran into Seth yesterday and we just started talking a little bit about life and stuff. Then I brought up Steven (that guy I dated for a while and then he told me he'd prayed about me and the Lord wants us to be together, told me I was fat and ugly, etc, etc. Haven't heard that story? E-mail me, it's too big to post. It's really quite funny to read). Anywho, so I had heard that Steven had gotten engaged to another after only knowing her a month, so I asked Seth about it. "Oh, Steven got married last week," he said. "I think they just got back from their honeymoon." "So, they've only known each other for over a month and now they're married?" "Yeah," he shook his head. "Yeah, that's right." Wow, that made me laugh. Good for him though, way to go. After that Seth wanted to hear my side of the story about Steven and me dating and so I got to retell a short version of that lovely little adventure. Always a joy to see others react to that one haha.

**I was talking to Eric's brother Mark yesterday and I found out that Eric is coming home from his mission on May 26th. That day is, in fact, the same exact day that Taylor gets home from his mission. So hopefully they're mission homecomings aren't on the same day because that would make me physically sick. Anywho, they're both coming home in just over two months and I'm so excited about it! Woot!

**I only have 5 1/2 weeks left until this semester is over and I can move back home! I move home officially on April 30th and that will be so great! I'm pretty excited about it. Also the new X-Men/Wolverine movie comes out the next day, so it'll be a pretty great week for me. :) Mmmmmmm....Hugh....

**Andrew got his mission call to the New York, New York South Spanish speaking mission! He leaves on June...3rd I think, and we're all pretty excited for him. His mission is about 10 miles from where my dad works in New York. My dad won't go and visit him or anything, but my mom is pretty excited because my dad can just deliver packages to the mission home so we can save money on postage. ;)

**Thomas comes home 5 months from Friday! Well I mean he LEFT on the 20th of August so I don't know the exact day he's going to be coming home yet but I'm just going with the 20th for now. Yeah, I'm pretty excited and my family is pretty excited as well. For my birthday he sent me a birthday card and then his gift to me was his testimony written inside. Yeah, I know, he's awesome.

**Oh yeah, I turned 21 February 5th and that was pretty exciting. :) It feels nice to be a little older. That means that I'll graduate college at age 21. Wow, awesomeness!

**One of my professors read a piece that I wrote (like a story) and suggested that I enter it in to one of the school's contests for publishing. That was pretty cool so we'll see how that goes.

**My friend Zac came home from his mission and that is pretty exciting. We're planning on playing Street Fighters on the Super Nintendo on Saturday and he thinks he can beat me. PSH! Bring it ON, Zac!!! ;)

**I'm doing Weight Watchers again, starting to count the points. I'm also looking for a workout class or something I could take during the summer this year, so if you know of anything let me know!

**I'm probably going to help teach a Creative Writing course with an awesome lady from my ward this summer, so that should be totally awesome! I think she's planning on us teaching kids from 9-13, but I think I'll see if she's interested in teaching an adult writing class as well. That would be pretty spiffy. I don't know how many people would take it though, but I've had a few takers. :)

So my friend Bonnie and I were at Albertson's last weekend, loading up on sleepover candy, and we started talking about how women shouldn't wear bikini's unless they have a body of a super model, and even then it's disgusting. Then I saw some Peeps (those marshmallow Easter candies) and started talking about how disgusting they were as we were in the check out line. My dad is the only one in our family that likes them and I almost bought him some Peeps flavored chapstick while I was at Target the other day (I can't imagine what THAT'S like to taste all day...barf...). Anywho, so then I hear the cashier say, "So what kind of candy DO you like?" in as sexy a voice as he could muster. "Um...Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, basically everything we're buying." Yeah, he kinda looked like he was thinking, "Yeah I guess I could have just looked at what you were buying." Anywho, so it was a little awkward, but only lasted for like 2 seconds then we left and he said, "You ladies have a great night...(again, attempted sexy voice)." So yeah, there it is. The candy story. I should have said "Man candy" but then there might have been a phone number exchange of somekind and I really wasn't looking for that. Anywho, it was great.

Well this time I promise I will really try really hard to keep this updated. I'm so sad I haven't written in it for a while, especially since all my journal entries I've written the past few months got deleted when my hard drive crashed. Yeah that wasn't any fun, but lucky this awesome guy at the help desk fixed it for me since I know him and only charged me for the new hard drive! Yay for awesome people! Anywho, talk to you guys soon! Feel free to leave comments. :)

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TotallySavage said...

Haha so was this very trying to have a sexy voice man near sexy? Haha oh and I think I sent you message in facebook but nonetheless I will tell you here too . . . I saw Steven in Walmart the other day - like MONDAY or no no it was yesterday- Tuesday! Weird . . . anyway thanks for the update!