Monday, November 2, 2009

Candy, Chili, and a Woopie Cushion

Well, there you have it. My Halloween costume. My friend Kristy lives in North Ogden and we went down to her place on Halloween to go trick-or-treating. Yes, that's right, we went trick-or-treating. We only went to houses of the people that knew Kristy so we didn't get a bunch of weird looks. As you can imagine, I was quite popular with my costume. I got lots of attention and candy. It was great. Kristy's mom just had a bunch of random costumes for us to choose from and I think I made the right choice. :)

So another thing that helped us get away with trick-or-treating as "adults" is that we had two Chinese foreign exchange students named Alex and Paul. So we kept explaining to people that we were giving them the American trick-or-treating experience. People got all excited and loved asking them how they liked it and everything. So yeah if you don't have any children to take around trick-or-treating, then find some foreign exchange students to take around and it doesn't matter how old you are. It really was so great, and half the houses we went to had full-size candy bars! Yeah, overall the trip was successful.

After we were done trick-or-treating we went over to Kristy's grandparents' house to enjoy some chili and rolls. It was fantastic! We were pretty exhausted after walking up and down several hills so it was nice to sit down and have some dinner. But we all ate way too much and we were extremely tired. So once we got in the car Alex and Paul fell asleep and Michelle, Kristy and I just stayed up talking all the way back up to Logan.

So after we dropped off Alex and Paul we three girls went back to Pine View and decided to watch a movie. But while we were sitting there trying to decide which movie to watch, Michelle and Kristy fell asleep on the floor. Then I told them that we could watch a movie another time, but as soon as they got up they said, "Wow, I'm really not that tired anymore. I think we could watch a movie." So it was about 11:00 when we got back and we didn't start the movie until closer to midnight. We decided to watch Frequency and they fell asleep a little bit at the beginning, but after the first 20 minutes they stayed wide awake the whole time. I was really impressed haha. But I had to watch them walk across the lobby to their apartment to make sure they made it back safely. They were walking like they were drunk haha. But yeah that's how the night ended, and it was fabulous!

So yeah, there's my Halloween story. In other news, I will be graduating in 6 weeks! December 12th! HOLY CRAP! What am I going to do with my life, you may ask? I'll tell you.

I don't know (picture me saying it just like Tevye on Fiddler on the Roof).

My plan right now is that I am for sure moving home and looking for a job. But I may be looking into going to grad school next fall. But we'll see what happens. I've got some pretty difficult decisions to make. But yeah right now I'm just looking for a good job. At least I'll have a degree so I won't have to do any more pathetic jobs that I took during the summer. Now I can actually pick and choose the job I want instead of just taking whatever I can get. Yay! Anywho, I'll keep you updated on what happens; right now I'm just trying to focus on school, getting good grades, and just getting excited for the holidays. HOORAY FOR HOLIDAYS! Have a great week everybody!

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CaLM RAPIDS said...

6 weeks to graduate is very totally awesome!!! congrats!