Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Think I Have Officially Changed Teams

Now if this isn't one of the sexiest guys you've ever seen, I don't know what's wrong with you but you'd better get your head on straight. He looks even better in the movie if you ask me. Anyway, onto my story.

So last night my friend Sam and I had a little adventure going to the midnight showing of New Moon and we stood outside for about an hour an fifteen minutes or so. We had fun talking about guys and just catching up on each other's lives. Anyway so we were chatting and then the next thing I knew this girl in a white jacket just bolted out of the door and ran through the parking lot. A few seconds later this guy came out the door and took off after her. I figured maybe she forgot something in her car, maybe they were flirting, I don't know. Then maybe thirty seconds after that a group of girls came out and asked, "Did anyone see a girl running out? Do you know which way she went?" So I told them which way she went and they also started charging in that direction. They went clear into the other parking lot and seemed like they were looking for her. Was she running away or something and her friends were trying to find her? Sam and I kept looking over in that direction to see if they found her or if they were coming back, but soon they disappeared and we never saw them after that.

Well we kind of blew it off after a while, but then about 5 or 10 mintues later the earlier showing of New Moon got out or something, and these two ladies came out. Sam and I assumed it was a teenager (like 13-14) and her mother; it could have been her older sister though, we don't know. So at first glance it looked like the mom just had her arm around her daughter. But then it looked like the girl was trying to pull away. Then we could clearly see that the girl was trying to get away from her mom and her mom kept trying to hold onto her. It looked like she was trying to run away too or something. So I think they must have gotten pretty close to their car because the mom kind of started walking towards one, but then the girl suddenly started trying to twist around and break free and then boom! She escaped her mom's grasp and took off running! Her mom charged after her but the girl was extremely quick. She almost got hit by a truck because she didn't even bother to check for cars while she was running. So after she almost got hit by the truck we didn't see either of them again. It was crazy! What was this movie doing to people?! We thought maybe the girl might of been mentally disabled or something a little bit by the way she was trying to get away from her mom. It really looked like something a small child would do, not a teenager. Anyway, I guess we'll never know. Last night was full of mystery.

So the movie itself? AMAZING! Much better than Twilight. Now, I love the books but I really didn't like the first movie. I watched it once when it came out and I was very disappointed. Also I don't think Robert Patterson is that attractive and he's a pretty big slob too. We watched him on Jay Leno the same night I saw Twilight and his hair was so greasy and his clothes weren't even straight. It looked like he had just gotten out of bed. He said that he didn't like the way his hair felt after it was washed so when he took a shower he rarely washed his hair. Look pal, let me tell you something. You can't play Edward in Twilight and then act like a slob in public. I was so disgusted! Yeah, and in all honesty I don't think he's a terrific actor. Here's a picture of the guy that I wanted to play Edward.

Henry Cavill
Well I was actually looking on IMDB and he was Humphrey on Star Dust. I had no idea! THis guy's name is Henry Cavill, and he's a hunk! Anyway, this is who I pictured as Edward and I think that this is who Stephanie Meyer thought should play Edward as well. Anyway so yeah, I wasn't too happy with the Edward they picked but hey some people really like him and that's great.

So anyway, when I was reading the novels I was always team Edward, hands down. I didn't understand how there could even be a choice, like how could anyone possibly think that Jacob could be the one to end up with Bella? Edward was clearly the obvious choice. But after seeing New Moon last night I feel completely the opposite. Edward was so pathetic and an idiot and weak! I couldn't see how she could pick Edward over Jacob! Sam and I were talking about this after the movie and we were both so conflicted and felt exactly the same way! We were crying when Edward left Bella at the beginning, but I cried even harder when Bella lowered the boom on Jacob. It literally ripped my heart out. I hate Bella! She's such an idiot! Ugh! Anyway, so it was very sad. Sam reminded me, "At least we know that it ends up working out for him in the end." *sigh* It's true, but I'd never thought of Edward as second choice. Or really no choice at all. But yeah, Edward never seemed so needy, whiny, and useless in my head while I was readint he novels. Unfortunately that's exactly what he was in the movie.

So my decision has come to this: for now, when it comes to the novels I am ALL team Edward. But when it comes to the movies I'm TEAM JACOB! Woohoo!

Anywho, so there's my story. Hopefully later today Sam and I and a few other people are going to go watch 2012. That should be pretty fun. :) Have a great weekend everyone!


CaLM RAPIDS said...

AFter seeing the movie, I thought that all Edward has going for him is his money. I thought it was VERY funny when Edward took his shirt off toward the end. AFter seeing Jacob shirtless for an hour, there's weak, pale Edward trying to shine!

Alisa said...

I know! I laughed when Edward took his shirt off. He should not be doing that anymore in the movie. He just can't compete with Jacob anymore. I loved that movie!