Thursday, April 17, 2008

Math Placement Exam

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Well, guess who gets to take the math placement exam today? ME! Ok, so I haven't taken it yet, I'm just waiting until 1:30 to take it, then I'm going to grab something to eat and go to work. So, I suppose you're all wondering why I need to take a math placement exam? Well here's why:
Okay, so there's a credit I need to take to graduate called a quantitative intensive course. So I want to take Math 2020, which is basically 4th grade math, or so I've heard. Well in order to get into this class it says that I need to have a satisfactory result on the math placement exam or a 25 or higher on the math portion of the ACT. Well, I took the ACT when I was a senior in high school (about 2 years ago) and I got a 25 on the math portion, but it still wouldn't let me into the class. So I called one of the math advisers up and asked her why I couldn't register. She said that my ACT information is only good for a year so I need to take a test to see if I'm as smart as I was when I took the test. Yeah.

Anywho, so I ended up taking the test today, but it was quite the process. So I got out of class at 11:30 and instead of going home then coming back to take the test at 1:30 I decided to stay at school and eat at the HUB and just kind of wander around. So I went to the Geology building and kind of wandered around for like an hour or two, and then I headed to their lab at 1:30. So this lady named Angela and I were waiting there and then no one showed up. So I called the math department at 1:45 and I asked why no one was at the lab. The receptionist said, "Well that's because it's Thursday and we don't do the lab on Thursdays anymore, ok?" So yeah, I was mad 'cause I'd wasted my whole day waiting for this test. So Angela and I went to the adviser for the math department and asked her if we could schedule another time for the test. She said, "Oh, you can just take it in my office right now if you want to!" So yeah, it took us a while to set up the test and everything but she set it up for us, I took it, and she got onto her computer as soon as I was done with the test and let me register for that math test I needed! WOOHOO!!! That was really nice of her to do, and it really turned my horrible wasted day completely around. I love people who care about other people!

Well school is almost out! Next week is my last week of school until this fall, and I'm pretty stoked! I've already finished all of my papers and such so I just have to show up to class and stuff. So yeah, life is pretty easy right now. A week from Monday I'm going to pack up all of my stuff and then the next day, Tuesday the 29th I believe, I'm going to be moving home! WOOHOO!!! "I'm coming home, baby." (quoted from Michael Buble for those of you who didn't know). Then I have to figure out the job situation and everything, and I'm really not looking forward to that at all. *sigh* Oh well at least I won't need to worry about assignments for 4 months haha. Everyone have a good day!


CaLM RAPIDS said...

Congrats on the math test. What a nice lady to help you like that. Just gives me warm fuzzies all over. :)

Miss Erika said...

So I just read your entire blog, and you are hilarious! You are going to do great things in the writing world! You totally crack me up :o)

Ari said...

I cant believe that school is almost out for you, how exsiting. Way to go on your test smarty pants. Take care and have fun with the fam.
Love ya