Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Way to go MOM!

Okay, so Monday was my dad's birthday but he was gone to Texas. So last Friday my parents went on an overnight trip to Salt Lake just to celebrate his birthday. So anywho, they were on their way home and they had to go on this weird route or something and someone was getting arrested for car theft. So my dad rolled down the window to see if he could catch anything about what was going on. So then my mom leans out the window and yells, "Make better choices!" Haha yeah that made me laugh.
So while my dad was telling this story he told another story of when my parents were first married. They were driving around looking at houses and stuff and then some kids started throwing apples at their car. So of course my dad pulls over and he starts giving the kids a talking to. He says, "You know, what if you would've dented my car? Would you have wanted to pay for the damage to the car?" The kids kinda hung their heads and were like, "No." Then my mom yells out the window in the car and yells, "Yeah! Next time throw apples at someone else's car!" Haha my dad was like, "Well honey that's not really my point, I'm trying to get them to stop throwing apples all together but yeah..." Haha it was hilarious! Man, I love stories like that.


Miss Erika said...

That is hilarious! I love your parents :o) Good to see you in the blogging world, I just found you on Ari's blog. Now I can blog-stalk you! (Your cousin, Erika... actually I am your dad's cousin, but whatever.)

Ari said...

Oh that is funny! Tell the family hi from us.

mockingbirdjc@yahoo.com said...

That's because your dad remembers when he and Tim used to throw things at cars! Screeeech! RUN!
Your mom is so funny!