Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Want Me to What?!

Do you ever feel like sometimes there are those teachers that just want to make you miserable? Yeah, me too. But I have a sort of self-righteous teacher for my fiction writing class. The class has been annoying up to this point, but I've had fun with it laughing with my classmates when she says something stupid. I mean, I have to take the class if I want to get a degree in Creative Writing. Well whenever we write stories if she doesn't like the way it is we've got to change it. She even docked me points on my last story because she didn't like the title. The funny thing is that she TOLD ME to change it to that title to what it was because she didn't like the one that I'd chosen. Yeah, ironic. Anywho, the way she teaches class and the way she looks really reminds me of Professor Trelawney off of Harry Potter, so let me provide you with a good visual of her:

Anywho, so we turned in our second story on Monday this week, the last one we'll have to turn in this semester. Anywho, she wanted our stories to be primarily based on research. So I thought it would be fun to see if I could write a good horror story so I wrote a story about a Ted Bundy wannabe and I thought it was pretty good. So I researched him and all that stuff and it took me 6 hours to write my 8-page story. So anywho, I walk into class yesterday (Wednesday) and Professor Stark walks in and tells us that our stories were full of stupid cliches. Then she took a line from everyone stories and put them up on the overhead and had us all read them and said things like, "Be original, this is crap! I've heard it all before, this is worthless! This one I put lots of cliches that
you had but I also put some spelling errors up there because I thought that was sort of ridiculous." So she's basically telling us we're no good, and most of us are aspiring to become writers. So after all of that, she's like, "I need to see all of group five (which I'm in) and a few other people (then she listed off the names)." So I went up to her after class and she's like, "Alisa, your story is really good so don't burn it or anything, but it's what I would consider genre fiction so it doesn't fulfill our purpose for this class. Now if there was a genre fiction contest I would enter that one, but the characters are flat and stuff and it's cliche so you need to write a new story.

I was pretty shocked, and really mad. So I asked if maybe I framed it differently if that would work and she said, "No I want you to completely do a new story. You have until next Wednesday." So yeah, I wanted to cry 'cause I'd spend 6 hours on that stupid paper all together. So I thought about writing a story about a student that really hates her professor because she's making her redo an assignment, but I decided against that in the end for obvious reasons. Anywho, so I spent about 4-5 hours writing a new 8-page paper yesterday and was pretty annoying. So yeah, this entry is in red 'cause I was pretty furious about it.

So anywho, blue is my favorite color, so I'll end in this color. Quite the contrast. It reminds me of those really good blue popsicles that w
e get all the time in the summer.

I personally preferred the rootbeer ones but blue is fine too I suppose. Anywho, so today I also totally fell on some ice while I was texting a friend of mine. Yeah, I have nice bruises to prove it. Then about 5 minutes later I hear this "FOUR!" and I looked up and a frisbie was about a foot away from my face and I dodged it just in time. Yay for funny accidents!


Katie said...

Man! That stinks! I think you are an awesome writer, and don't let professor Trelawney tell you otherwise!

Root Beer Popsicles are my favorite too! We can be Popsicles friends (I guess not, because then we would eat all the root beer ones and leave the rest!)

Alisa said...

Haha totally! I wonder if they make bags of just the rootbeer ones, then that wouldn't be a problem whatsoever. :) Alright, from here on out we will be known as the popsicle pals! YAY!

Trina said...

Alisa! Man you are awesome. knowing my luck that frisbee would have totally hit me! haha. so consider yourself lucky this time...but next never know! haha. oh and i wrote in my blog. check it out!

Emily said...

mmm...tastes like blue.